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Over the years, Boston Editorial has amassed many satisfied clients.

"[Boston Editorial] provided me with a fabulous critique of a query letter, book synopsis and 40 pages of a memoir manuscript. In addition to making suggestions, comments and copy editing, [they] did so with tact, smarts and creative insights. All of these turned out so much better than what I had originally spun together. [Boston Editorial] is a copy editor extraordinaire and also a stickler for meeting the deadlines that were needed." - Linda English

"[Boston Editorial] edited my first self-published full length work, a novelized family memoir. [My editor was] a true professional and a joy to work with throughout the entire process. [Boston Editorial] responded quickly to my manuscript submissions, gave suggestions for improving my work, and guided me to think through murky sections of my writing. [Their] editing skills are excellent and my manuscript improved because of [their] careful input. [They were] not overbearing and gave me license to be creative and original when it was appropriate to the project. I would strongly recommend [Boston Editorial]." - Dorinda Lundin

"Boston Editorial has my highest recommendation for work requiring timeliness and quality. They met with the author and the designer to set deadlines, quality goals, and overall product expectations. As with any writing project, they remained flexible in the face of delays and setbacks, and adjusted their schedule to meet each and every deadline.

Boston Editorial's contribution put a fine polish on the manuscript. They identified global editing errors in a non-attributive way, concentrating always on quality, not blame. Beyond just technical review, [they] also completed a thorough quality review of content, which included spelling of place names, proper capitalization of business names, author quote attribution, and many other minor but important details that were overlooked from draft to smooth stages. They completed a final manuscript review, for readability and story continuity, as well as fixed some deeply hidden typos. Without Boston Editorial's quick, professional, high-quality review, the manuscript would not have been released on time. If you have a freelance editing need, please contact Boston Editorial and have them join your team. You will be grateful you did." - Edward Beale

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