Copyediting, developmental editing, line editing... writing, ghostwriting... what's the difference, and how do I know which I need?

Not everyone agrees on what these terms mean - and they are often used interchangeably in casual conversation. To help clear things up, here's a very basic overview of what these terms mean to us here at Boston Editorial.

Proofreading - Sometimes you just need a "second set of eyes" on your manuscript. When you've put the finishing touches on everything, send your work to us for final proofing - we'll comb through it for those pesky typos you aren't able to catch.

Copyediting - Consider this a basic check of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. We may make these changes ourselves, or we may choose to highlight them if we deem that they are at all ambiguous and/or require your attention.

Line Editing - Think of line editing as "copyediting plus." In addition to copyediting your manuscript, we will also make larger changes, such as changes to sentence structure and word choice.

Developmental Editing - We assist you in the actual development of your plot. Is the motivation of your protagonist clear? How is the overall pacing? Are there any plot holes or scenes that don't forward the plot?

Writing - You hire us to write a thing. We write said thing to your specifications. You give us proper credit.

Ghostwriting - You have a series you need content for, but your typical author is unavailable.  You provide us with a sample of that author's work, a style guide, and a plot outline. We write a book in your author's style.  The author's name goes on the cover; we may be thanked on the inside pages.

Transcription - You provide us with audio files.  We type out what we hear, usually in a script-like format.

Need something you don't see here? Feel free to email us and request a customized quote!

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